Valley Maker – The First tab

Okay, so this might not be exactly how he plays it/tunes it, but it sounds good to me. 
If anyone has a correcting let me know, though I'm guessing not many people will be 
reading this.

Tuning: EAC#EBe

e |--------0-------0--------0-----0-0----|B |--------0-------0--------0-----0-0----|E |--------0-------0--------0-----0-0----|C#|---0----0-----3-3------3-3-----3-3----|repeatA |2--2/4----4/2------2-0-----0-0--------|E |--------------------------------------|
thats pretty much the whole song to be honest except between most verses he holds that last chord twice. The rhythm is kinda tricky so just listen to the song to get it down.
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