Van Morrison – Wasted Years tab

Wasted years - Van Morrison
(Together with Johnny Lee Hooker)

From the album: Too Long in Exile

G C D e |------------------------|------------------------|------2-----------2-----|B |------0-----------0-----|------0-----------0-----|------------------------|G |----0---0-------0---0---|----0---0-------0---0---|----2---2-------2---2---|D |--0-------0---0-------0-|--2-------2---2-------2-|--0-------0---0-------0-|A |------------------------|3-----------3-----------|0-----------0-----------|E |3-----------3-----------|------------------------|------------------------| Repeat this schedule with improvised variations
G C G Wasted years been brainwashed by lies Oh yes I have C Oh wasted years I'm talking about wasted years G Oh I'm not seeing eye-to-eye I just can't see the things I should see D C Wasted years, baby G I was taking the wrong advice I know you was, I know you was And I was too All alone I'm travelling Travelling through these wasted years For so long, so long, so long I was Oh, I must have gained some wisdom Down through the years I did Somewhere along the way Oh yes, I did, oh yes I did That's why there can't be no more No more No more wasted years today I got wise, I got wise to myself Well baby the great sadness Oh, you've got to let it all go Oh yeah, oh yeah Van Tabbed by Yuri
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