Van Morrison – Cleaning Windows chords

Cappo on Third Fret

Lead in:  G with occasional index finger hammerons 

C (add pinky on third fret of high E string)
Oh, the smell of the bakery from across the street
GGot in my nose
CAs we carried our ladders down the street
GWith the wrought-iron gate rows
CI went home and listened to Jimmie Rodgers
Gin my lunch-break
CBought five Woodbines at the shop on the corner
GAnd went straight back to work.
COh, Sam was up on top
GAnd I was on the bottom with the v
CWe went for lemonade and Paris buns
GAt the shop and broke for tea
CI collected from the lady
GAnd I cleaned the fanlight inside-out
CI was blowing saxophone on the weekend
GIn that down joint.
G D/F# EMWhat's my line?
D CI'm happy cleaning windows
G D/F# EMTake my time
D CI'll see you when my love grows
G D/F# EMBaby don't let it slide
D CI'm a working man in my prime
GCleaning windows (number a hundred and thirty-six)
Second Verse I heard Leadbelly and Blind Lemon On the street where I was born Sonny Terry, Brownie McGhee, Muddy Waters singin' I'm A Rolling Stone I went home and read my Christmas Humphreys' book on Zen Curiosity killed the cat Kerouac's Dharma Bums and On The Road Second Chorus What's my line? I'm happy cleaning windows Take my time I'll see you when my love grows Baby don't let it slide I'm a working man in my prime Cleaning windows
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