Vance Joy – Emmylou chords

Standard Tuning, No Capo

My first Tab ever here guys, and I'm kinda wined up, so feel free to correct as you will.

Vance plays F, F, Am, G throughout the entire song. Obviously there's picking involvedbut I'm too pissed to make a decent attempt at tabbing it out. It's a basic strum
pattern, with a hammer on the 4th (G) string 2nd fret, but you'll need someone a bit more focused than me to help tab it out properly. It's a beautiful song from an amazing artist, so hopefully someone puts in the effort. Hopefully at least the lyrics are close. Keep them coming Vance, you're an inspiration. Verse 1- Oh, if you're losing sleep, h if you're losing sleep, scared of shadows I see it's just a chair, See you're clothes hang there Don't go losing sleep scared of shadows. Chorus - Oh don't feel bad I never have Since I got you My Emmylou Verse 2- You wear your socks to bed You wear your socks to bed, that's what I do Oh come on sleepyhead, get yourself to bed, Don't go losing all the night time Chorus x1 You are Love x4 (Picking) You are love x4 (over Chorus)
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