Vangelis – One More Kiss Dear chords ver. 2

One More Kiss, Dear

My first attempt at this - enjoy!

Chords E E/B D#7 D#7/A# F#9 A Am F#m7 B C#m7e|--7----7----6-----6-----8---5---5---2---2---4---|B|--9----9----8-----8-----8---5---5---2---4---5---|G|--9----9----6-----6-----8---6---5---2---4---4---|D|--9----9----8-----8-----7---7---7---2---4---6---|A|--7----7----6-----6-----8---7---7---4---2---4---|E|--x----7----x-----6-----x---5---5---2---x---x---|
Note: In the chorus I use the following simpler chords Am Ee|--0---0---|B|--1---0---|G|--2---1---|D|--2---2---|A|--0---2---|E|--x---0---|
E E/B E E/BOne more kiss, dear
D#7 D#7/A# D#7 D#7/A#One more sigh
E E/B E E/BOnly this, dear
F#9Is goodbye
A AmFor our love is such pain
E E/B E E/BAnd such pleasure
F#m7 B F#m7 BThat I'll treasure till I die
So for now, dear Au revoir, madame But I vow, dear Not farewell For in time we may have all love's glory
F#m7 B EOur love story to tell
Am EJust as every autumn leaves fall from the tree,
Am ETumble to the ground and die
Am E C#m7So in the springtime like sweet memories
F#m7 BThey will return as will I
Like the sun, dear Upon high Will return, dear To the sky And we'll banish the pain and the sorrow Until tomorrow goodbye
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