Vanilla Ice - Play That Funky Music tab

I tabbed myself this song because i liked the rythme and the sound as i saw
 the film "American pie part4 @ Band camp". 
There is one scene were Stiffler is playing the bagpipes 
and i did some researches what song that was. 

ok Here is it ( very easy ) 

e|--------------------------------|-------------------------------| B|--0-h-3---3---0---3---0---------|--0-h-3---3---0---3---0--------|G|-------------------------2---0--|------------------------2---0--|xD|--------------------------------|-------------------------------|2A|--------------------------------|-------------------------------|E|--------------------------------|-------------------------------|
h= hammer on Chords:
B D A G e|----2~-------2~-------------3--------------------| B|----4~-------3~------1------3--------------------|G|----4~-------2~------2------4--------------------| D|----4~-------x-------2------5--------------------|A|----2~-------x-----------------------------------|E|----x--------x-------x---------------------------|
pls vote. -i know its an eseay tab.
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