Varsity Fanclub – Bad Habit chords

			     Bad Habit - Varsity Funclub
Tabbed by: JovinF

I play it in Capo 1st fret

G    |320033|
F#/d |2x0233|
Em   |x22033|
C9   |x32033|
d    |000232|
Tuning: Standard


Verse 1:
G Girl I got some things to say
F#/dSit down put your phone away
C9 Don't want no interruptions baby listen
dI can't do this something's missing
GYou always said that you will change
F#/d C9Don't try to cut me off baby girl you hold me back
dI'm out the door that's that
Em F#/d C9Every time I say I'm gone I prove me wrong
dcause I'm addicted I'm addicted to you
G F#/dI try and try to leave but I just can't Let u go cause every single moment
C9 My heart says that I just can't quit
dI'm like the ending of a movie that you just don't get
GI don't show up late I never forget
F#/d You got me running circles in my head
C9 dNo I can't quit you're my bad habit
Verse 2:
G I know I said I couldn't stay
F#/dI try so hard to walk away
C9 But girl you got me itching And got me wishing
d I could break myself of you
G F#/dI try to be alone baby but you just take control of me
C9 dAnd I keep tryna hide it And I deny it I don't need u anymore but
(Repeat Pre-chorus) (Repeat Chorus) Bridge:
Em F#/d C9 The first step is claiming that I'm wrong I never take the blame no no
Em F#/d C9So help me help myself get better Tell me that I'm yours forever
C9Are you addicted to me
G-F#/d-C9-dI don't show up late I never forget
You got me running circles in my head No I can't quit you're my bad habit (Repeat Chorus) == Hi.. not sure with the chords though..i learn it by ear.. so, if there any me for the update.. and i dedicate this song to my girl..yeeee.. you know who you are.. ^^ bye.. peace out :)
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