Vaselines – Son Of A Gun chords

Artist: The Vaselines
Song: Son of a gun
Tabber: Eric Aari Duhamel
Ultimate Guitar ID: Cardboard.scene

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Noteworthy: Mapped out from the "Live on KEXP" performance, which you can find on youtube.  

This a great song to play with a couple of vocalists and one or two guitars.  
The Nirvana version is great, 
but i dont see the point in tabbing out a cover. 
So sit down Tune up, 
spark a fire and sing your heart out to a true classic, 
by a couple of great scottish song writers. 

Ive done my best to place the chords in the proper places, 
adjacent to the lyrics.

All Chords are Major first position.

There seems to be some dispute as to a lyric in the chorus.  
i cant tell if im hearing "and the raining always starts" 
or "and the rain it always starts". 

As usual with my chord and tab sheets i will always 
suggest using my tab while playing along with the recording or performance.  
This song especially because the lyrics in the 
verse are sung in a couple different rhythms. 
For example, the "gun gun son of a gun" line, 
is crammed together on the "of a" part, 
and on the next rotation the lyrics are dragged out a bit more, 
using less words for the chords. 

The bridge piece is played EXACTLY as i have it drawn out, even if it seems strange.  
The last note of this bridge piece is a D chord, 
which is played for 2 full bars (or the length of two chord rotations) 
until it leads back into the verse.

The song is broken up into two vocal parts. 
Vocal One is singing the verse.
Vocal Two is singing the chorus as well as the bridge piece. 
During the final chorus, which is played 4 times, vocal one, 
joins in for the last 2 rotations.

lyrics in brackets are used in the second verse.

Song layout at the bottom.


[A] [E] [D] [E]


[A] [E] [D] [E]Swing swing up and down, Turn turn turn around,
[A] [E] [D] [E]Round round round about and over again.
[A] [E] [D] [E]Gun gun son of-a gun, You are the only one,
[A] [E] [D] [E]And no one else can(will) take my place.
[G] [C] [D] [C]The sun shines in my bedroom, when you play,
[G] [C] [D] [C]And the raining always starts when you go away. (final chorus end on a G chord)
Bridge piece:
[E] [A] [E] [A] haaah ohhhh haaah ohhhh
[G] [D] [G] [D]haaah ohhhh haaah ohhhh
[E] [A] [E] [A] haaah ohhhh haaah aaaah
[G] [D] [G] [D]haaah ohhhh haaah ooooh
[G] [D] [G] [D]haaah ohhhh haaah oh...
Song layout: Intro rotation x2 verse x1 chorus x2 verse x1 chorus x2 bridge x1 verse x1 chorus x4 end on G
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