Vaselines – You Think Youre The Man tab

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From: Ian McKellar 
Subject: TAB: You think you're a man by The Vaselines
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 1995 11:16:28 +0800 (WST)

You Think You're a Man
---------------------- by the Vaselines

Transcribed by Ian McKellar 

Lyrics transcribed by Melinda Casino, .
Visit "The Vaselines: A Complete History" home page at:

Riff:1 -------17-17----------------|2 -15-15-------18-18-17-18-17-|3 ----------------------------|4 ----------------------------|5 ----------------------------|6 ----------------------------|
or, if you are playing something without a long neck(e.g. Accoustic Guitar) you can play it down an octave:1 -----5-5-----------|2 -3-3-----6-6-5-6-5-|3 -------------------|4 -------------------|5 -------------------|6 -------------------|
Verse: ----- D You think you're a man, A You are only a boy. G You think you're a man D You are only a toy. D You think you're a man A But you just couldn't see G A D You weren't man enough to satisfy me. Chorus: ------- G Man D Boy G Man A Boy G Man D Boy G Man A Boy For the actual order in which the parts are played, check the complete on the WWW site mentioned above. Thanks to Melinda Casino for transcribing the lyrics. Ian McKellar
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