Vaya Con Dios – Time Flies tab

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 Vaya Con Dios : Time Flies

N.C Em Bm It's been such a funny day, I don't know why Em Bm Walking on an endless lane, life passing me by C Em Tomorrow is calling, but I'm dragging my feet C Em The skies are indecently clear but I can't stand the heat Em Bm Sleepwalking in a haze, stumbling like a child Em Bm Dragons that I used to chase, tease me from inside C Em The future's uncertain, just like yesterday C Em Memories of heaven, can't be taken away. G D C G D C You know, time flies, and the rebels, one day, they all go quiet Em D G A Em Ain't no money, ain't nobody, that can buy you a peace of mind Em D G A Bm Ain't no money, ain't nobody, that can buy you a peace of mind Guitarsolo: | Em | Bm | Em | Bm | C | Em | C | Em | Em Bm The say you learn from your mistakes, it's a lie Em Bm My redemption has been staged, numerous times C Em but the angels of passion, still taunt me in my sleep C Em They keep throwing petals and thorns, underneath my feet. You know, time flies ...
Outro: slow down (.)----------------------------------------------------------------------------|-------3--------------3-------------5---------------------------------------|---0-------0------0-------0-----0-------0-----------------------------------|-----4---4----------4---4---------4---4-------4-5-----4-5---2---------------|-2--------------3-------------5-------------3-------2-------2---------------|----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
(.) - Fermate , that means hold the chord and let it ring some seconds ---------------- Transcribed 3-93 by Michael Bauer Please mail me your comments to
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