Velvet Revolver – Money tab

Velvet Revolver
Tabbed by: Stephen Hardimon (

Time Signature: 7/4

About this tab:
I don't know what I'm doing here, but I hope it's at least readable.  I tried to
make some kind of counting notation to increase the readability of the music.
You'll notice that under each fretting on the chart there is one or more x's or
o's.  Each x represents 1 quarter note, so if under a fretting you see: xx
(written vertically), you know to hold that note for 2 quarter notes (two counts).
Each o represents a number of stems on a note, if that makes sense.  For instance,
if you see: oo (written vertically), that means two stems so it's a sixteenth note.
If you see: o, that means one stem so it's an eighth note.  Hope that made some sense.
Anyway, enjoy and please leave feedback.

A Lick|-----------------||-----------------||-----------------||---------------0-||-2-2-0-2---0-2---||---------2-------| x o o x x x x x
B Lick|-----------------||-----------------||---------------0-||-2-2-0-2---0-2---||---------2-------||-----------------| x x o x x x x x
C Lick|---------------------------||---------------------------||---------------------------||-4-------4-3-2-----------0-||-----0-2-------2-----0-2---||---2-------------0-3-------| x x x x x x o o x x x x x x x
Intro: A Lick (8x) Verse 1: A Lick (8x) Chorus: C Lick (1x) A Lick (2x) Verse 2: A Lick (4x) B Lick (2x) A LIck (2x)
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