Venaculas – Rip It Up tab

main riff  

G F A G D A D----3----------0/0/3------2/0/2----------3----------0/2/3------3/2/3----------0----------2/2/0------2/2/2----------0----------3/2/0-------/2/-----------2----------3/-/2---------------------3----------1/-/3-----------------
lyrics leave that nook nook lone hit that booty because inside you're really frooty in the booty chorus ralph you probably see me everywhere I don't own one pair of dirty clean underwear my gay pimp don't care I never trim my booty hair got a girl she had a scare raped her dead and left her there disapeared w/out a trace oficer dildo is on the case wore a rubber snap him in his face get outta the ghetto raise your kids
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