Verbena - Junk For Fashion tab

     JUNK FOR FASHION - Verbena
Tabbed by: Luke Rounda

Drop-D Tuning D A D G B E

This is the third track off of Verbena's debut, "Souls for Sale"
introe|--------------|B|--------------|G|---7/10-7-5h7-| Repeat 8xD|---0--0-0-0-0-|A|--------------|D|-0------------| ^ Pickup note
awesome grungy blues riffe|------------------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------0-0--------------------|D|------5-0-3b4-0---5-0-3b4-00-----5-3-0-0---3~~~3-3-3-0------|A|-3~~5----------3h5---------5-3h5-----0-0---3~~~3-3-3-0------|D|---------------------------0-------------3-3~~~3-3-3-0------|
There are a few variations on that, based around the same blues scale. Repeat many times. On the last repeat before the next part, play the F chord (and no open D) to build up to:
"I like a girl with a sharp tongue... hey hey, hey hey"e|------------------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------------------|G|-3~~~~~3~33~~~~~~~0~~~0~~~~~~~------------------------------|D|-3~~~~~3~33~~~~~~~0~~~0~~~~~~~---------------3-0-3-5b6r5----|A|-1~~~~~1~11~~~~~~~0~~~0~~~~~~~-5-3-5-3--5-3-----------------|D|------------------------------------------------------------|
The chorus starts with Bb5 to C5, then plays around with the intro riff under heaps of deep-fried overdrive and distortion. This should be enough to get you started. It'll sound good if you just play around with the patterns that have already been established, or just play little solos inside a blues scale.
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