Versus Rule – Freedom tab

Intro: Em, B, G, C

Verse I:  D7              A7
          Peaceful start, you didn`t wanna fight
          C               Dm     Dm#     Dm
	  brought to kill by the english men,
          D7                 A7
	  loss of your love, avenged her death,
	  C              Dm        Dm#
	  started a war, blood was spilled,
          D7              A7
	  not your fault, you stood up,
          C                       Dm            Dm#
	  believing in your land, believing the clan,
          D7                 A7
	  pure mind of soul, rage is here,
          C          Dm        Dm#
	  once again fire will rise

Chorus:   C         G
	  With your painted face,
          Dm           A7   Am
	  we are going to a war
          C              G
	  heart of soul, burning faith,
          Dm                 A7      Am
	  fellow country men at your side,
          C               G
	  will follow you to the death,
          Dm                A7         Am
	  fight like poets, fight like men
          C            G
	  fight again, win your freedom,
          Dm             A7      Am
	  with your clan at your side

Verse II: D7                A7
	  The road is long, towards your goal,
          C                Dm Dm#
	  the outcome will be dead,
          D7            A7
	  just as free, will you fight
          C             Dm      Dm#
	  win or loose, do your best,
          D7             A7
	  for your land, for your beliefe,
          C              Dm            Dm#
	  dead or alive, Scotland will live,
          D7                       A7
	  because of your efforts, it will survive
          C               Dm     Dm#     Dm
	  through out the entire history


 Dm	Em	B      G     Dm#     C	   D7	  A7	 Am

--1-- --0-- --0-- --3-- --3-- --0-- --1-- --0-- --0----3-- --0-- --3-- --0-- --3-- --1-- --1-- --1-- --1----2-- --0-- --4-- --0-- --2-- --0-- --2-- --0-- --2----0-- --2-- --4-- --0-- --0-- --2-- --0-- --2-- --2----x-- --2-- --2-- --2-- --x-- --3-- --x-- --0-- --0----x-- --0-- --x-- --3-- --x-- --x-- --x-- --x-- --x--
Bridge:Part One P PE -0-5-5-7-8-7-5/3-5-0-5---0-5-5-7-8-7-5/3-5-0---|B ---------------------------------------------5-|G -----------------------------------------------|D -----------------------------------------------|A -----------------------------------------------|E -----------------------------------------------|
Bridge: Part Two
E ---------2-3-5-3-2---------------------2-3-5-3-2-------------|B -0-5-3-5-----------3-5-3-5-0---0-5-3-5-----------3-5-3-5-3-0-|G -------------------------------------------------------------|D -------------------------------------------------------------|A -------------------------------------------------------------|E -------------------------------------------------------------|
Autro: This is the sam as the intro: Em, B, G, C I hope I got it all, and if you find faults, let me know. Henrik Rutgersson
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