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From: "D'ArcyZero the Goddess of Wine" 
Subject: CRD: Never Met Her by Veruca Salt
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 1998 13:41:49 PST

Never Met Her (Louise Post) from the Benjamin single
tabbed by D*Arcy (

Em		   C		 D			Em
I've never met her and I don't mind
Em		   C		 D			Em
I've seen her face a thousand times
Em		   C		 D			Em
She hides behind her hair
Em		   C		  D			 Em
I wonder if her love is like mine
E,		   C	     D 		   Em
Face up I'll face the day
Em		   C		  D		  Em
Three weeks you flew away
Em		   C		D		   Em
I'll never blame her
Em		   C			  D			 Em
I'll never let you make me hate a girl that way

Em C D Em Touchdown I hear the score E C D Em I watched you slide out through the back door Em C D Em I've never met her but when I do Em C D Em I'll thank her for saving me from you I'll thank her for saving me from you
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