Veruca Salt – Twinstar tab

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From: Patrick Glass 
Subject: TAB: "Twinstar" --Veruca Salt (Corrected)

Veruca Salt  "Twinstar"
>From the wonderful debut album American Thighs that I have very nearly
worn out.
Transcribed by Patrick Glass (

Riff for the first barre chords D, G, C and F kinda in this

D		G	   C         F

-------10-------------5-------8-----------1----|---------10---------5-----------8-------1------|-----9------------4---------9---------2--------|-----------------------------------------------| play this part-----------------------------------------------| 4 times for--10------------3---------8---------1----------| the first verse
Lyrics for this part: Flying, when I wanna do is die Feels like you're flying Oh God, I wish that I could wanna Prechorus: (this rhythm works for me anyways)
F G C D------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------|------2--------4---------------9---------------------11-----|----3--------5-------------10--------------------12---------|--3--------5-----------10--------------------12-------------|1--------3-----------8--------------------10----------------|lift me up but you don't know and you don't see
Bb-----------------------6--------------------------|-------------------6------6-----------------------|---------------7-------------7--------------------|------------8-------------------------------------|---------8----------------------------------------|-----6--------------------------------------------|I'm stuck in my ways
F C G---------1------------------------------------------|-----2-------------------------------3--------------|-3--------------------------------4-----4-----------|---------------------9---------5-----------5--------|------------------9---------5-----------------------|---------------8---------3--------------------------|stuck in my ways
Verse Two (Now it's all in chords) D G C F D G C F D G C Breathing, when all I want to do is drown. F D G C F D G C F You keep on breathing and I keep on sinking down, oh, oh. G You want to lift me up, C D But you don't know, and you don't see Bb play fill I'm stuck in my ways, F G C stuck in my ways. F G C F I'm stuck in my ways, oh. solo ( i have no idea) chords same as the verses (D G C F) G You want to lift me up, C D But you don't know, and you don't see Bb I'm stuck in my ways, F G C stuck in my ways. F G C I'm stuck in my ways, F G C F (end on F) I'm stuck in my ways, oh.
fill: --6----------------------| ----6--------------------| -------7-----------------| -------------------------| ------------------------------| ------------------------------| ------------------------------|
NOTES: I play the F in the verses as a barre chord playing the whole chord (133211) but in the verses I play the F as only the top 4 strings (xx3211). I play the Bb as a barre chord too (688766), because it's so easier to play the fill in the chorus that way. Take care all.
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