Verve Pipe – All Of You tab

Alright, I'm sure this one's right, and it's pretty fun to play. enjoy. --chords used-- D F C G Ee-2--1--0--3--0---b-3--1--1--3--0---G-2--2--0--0--1---D-0--3--2--0--2---A-0--3--3--2--2---E-x--1--x--3--0---====================================================================Verse/intro:
D F I want all of you, I want all of you C G From your fingers to your mouth, every inch of north and south D F I keep calling you, i keep calling you C G won't you listen to me say, don't you ever go away D F Will you wait for me, will you wait for me? C G I've been waiting here for you, anything that I can do D F Will you think of me, will you think of me, C G Whisper words into my ears, I will never bring you tears, D I want all of you (then repeat progression for the ah-ah-ah's, for all the verses) ================================================================== for the little bridge (or whatever you'd call it) F G F D When I see you smiling, you could make the darkest day worthwhile. F C G E When you look my way, I need you to believe me when I say D I want all of you etc. have fun.
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