Verve Pipe – Photograph tab

Hey dudes/dudettes. This is a pretty simple song - i'm surprised to see no one hasposted the chords yet. Great song too, by a great band. check it -CHORDS USED: A C G D F E-0------3------3-----2------1-----0---2------3------3-----3------1-----0---2------0------0-----2------2-----1---2------2------0-----0------3-----2---0------3------2-----0------1-----2---0------x------3-----x------1-----x--
Verse: Just play ACGD over and over again. listen to the song to get the rhythm. For the chorus (not to sure about this, but sounds close): EFDGFD Like i said, pretty simple song. If those chords aren't just perfect, they're pretty darn close. So enjoy, and rock on peoples.
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