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Vigilantes Of Love – Skin tab

Vigilantes of Love
>From V.O.L. (originally from Blister Soul)
Written by Bill Mallonee
© 1995 Irving Music, Inc.
Intro Tabbed By Jon King (
The rest by Joel Nowlin (if you want to email him go to the guitar tab
part of Vigilantes home page (

Thanks to Joe Nowlin for helping figure out the intro.
Capo on 1st fret.

[A]                             [F#]                       [E][A]       
[A] [F#m][E] [A] |---------------|-2---0---0--||---0-2-0---2---|-2---0---2--||----2---2------|-2---1---2--||---------2-----|-4---2---2--||-0-------------|-4---2---0--||---------------|-2---0------|
Play this part every once in a while.[A]|---------------||---0-2-0---2---||----2---2------||---------2-----||-0-------------||---------------|
Verse 1: [A] Now I'd seen him despondent [A] a few times as of late. [A] Sometimes the answer that love gives [F#m] [E] [A] is the hardest one to take. [A] Now I know he was prone to paint, [A] the voice of his own fear. [A] So Vincent, he picked up the blade [F#m] [E] [A] and put it to his ear. Bridge: (same as Intro) Verse: (same chords as first verse) Just look at yourself in the mirror. You're all rumpled, red stubbled, and gaunt. You walk a dead end path in a dry cornfield, and now this morose response. And your princess, she don't wanna see you. No your princess, she don't wanna hear. So Vincent, he picked up the blade and he put it to his ear. Chorus: Now look, [E] [F#m] if you're gonna come round here and say those sorta things, [D] [A] you gotta take a few on the chin. [E] [F#m] Talkin' about love and all that stuff. [F#m] [E] [A] You better bring your thickest skin. [E] [F#m] 'Cause sometimes you can't please everyone. [D] [A] Sometimes you can't please anyone at all. [E] [F#m] .....(hold the F#m) Just sew your heart onto your sleeve [F#m] [E] [A] and wait for the axe to fall. Bridge: Verse: You there with the paintbox, you there with paper and pen, me, I've got this blunt instrument. I'm gonna play on till the end. And you know you come with empty hands, or you don't come at all. You deal your best hand out in the marketplace and let the chips fall. And the package, it comes wrapped up. There is a lesson here. And Vincent, he picked up the blade, and put it to his ear. Chorus: (same except the lyrics "Talkin' about love and all that stuff" are replaced by "Talkin' about sin and redemption") Outro: Same as intro As far as the bridge part goes, It's the best part in my opinion, but I don't know how to play it right now so try substituting the intro for it.
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