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Vince Gill – Reason Why tab

The reason why

B                     G#m   E                                       
Why do I, choose the things I choose?
Why do I, always find some lame excuse?
Why do I, not realize what I would do?
E                   F#      B—G#m—E—F#
Oh I wish I knew the reason why.

B       G#m  E                        F#    
Why do you, get that sad look in your face?
Why do you, pull away from my embrace?
Why do you, see all my faults and my mistakes?
E                      F#     B
Oh I wish you knew the reason why.

Ebm                                E
Why do we treat each other like we do?
B                       F#
It’s like we never even try…
Ebm                          E
Why can’t we get back to the love we knew?
C#m              F#-E-Ebm-C#m-B           
Oh, why oh… baby why?

B     G#m  E                         F#                     
Why do we, have to play the same old game?
Why do we, run away from whom’s to blame?
Can’t we see, to lose this love would be a shame
E                    F#      B 
Oh I wish we knew the reason why…
(Repeat Refrain)
E                     F#     B—G#m—E—F#--
Oh I wish we knew the reason why…(2X)
by Monyong Mandaluyong
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