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Vince Vaccaro – Be Free chords

It may not be perfect but it sounds good. If you listen to the song you can hear the 
strumming pattern pretty easily.

Capo 2

Intro - G Cadd9 G D G Cadd9 G D G
GGive your head a shake
Cadd9And look in the mirror
G DYour hoping and waiting for years
GFor the day that it comes
Cadd9And youre finally done
GWith the dreams for which
D GYour heart it breaks
GThere are names in the sea
Cadd9Another song sung
GAnd you feel dead
DLike it ends this way
GBut be strong little one
Cadd9Sometimes everythings wrong
G D GPromise morning will come again
G Cadd9Be free
G DBelieve everything is as it should
G Cadd9Sometimes the way that it seems isnt easy
G D GAnd sometimes niethers the truth
GHe stands on the corner
Cadd9And tells you again
G DIts alright, its ok, let it go
GBut it burns in your chest
Cadd9Now youll find no rest
GTill youre chasing the
D GAnswers for sure
GIts 7am
Cadd9Your eyes burn with the red
GLike a forest fire
DMid august sun
GAnd your head is a mess
Cadd9Theres a hole in your chest
GA once loaded
D GCold barreled gun
GAhead are the days
Cadd9Unwritten in the pavement
G DYour footsteps alone will decide
GWhen you leave what you love
Cadd9In the name of tomorrow
G D GYou bury the song of your heart
(chorus x3)
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