Vineyard – Jesus Lover Of My Soul tab

Vineyard - Jesus Lover Of My Soul.
 Tabbed by Charlie Byrd -
Tuning: Standard
No Capo Used
This Song Is Extremly EASY! 4 Chords Used Entire time

G        D
Jesus    Lover Of My Soul

Em              C
Jesus I Will    Never Let You Go

G                   Em
You've Taken Me     From the miray clay

D                       C 
Set My Feet Up On The   Rocks, and now i know  

G (1 Strum)        D (1 Strum)
I Love You         I Need You

Em (1 Strum)                     C (1 Strum)
Though My World May Fall I'll    Never Let you Go

Ok thats all you do guys...on an on in a repeative cycle. G,D,Em,C.....Easy as that! Enjoy, and if any question, complements, or complaints just email me at     Im out. peace
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