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Vinnie Moore – Defying Gravity tab

Defying Gravity from Wicked

[note: this version was made from my recordings of idina menzel's live
performances over the past few years, so it's different from the obc recording.]

* ---VERSE 1 (hold each chord) D G Something has changed within me D G Something is not the same D G D I'm through with playing by the rules G C Of someone else's game C Dsus2 Too late for second-guessing C Dsus2 Too late to go back to sleep C Bm7 It's time to trust my instincts G Asus2 (start strumming) A Close my eyes and leap ---CHORUS 1 Bm7 It's time to try G Asus2 Defying gravity Bm7 I think I'll try G A Defying gravity D And you can't pull me down ---VERSE 2 D G I'm through accepting limits Dsus2 G Asus2 'Cuz someone says they're so D G Some things I cannot change Dsus2 C Asus2 But 'till I try, I'll never know C Dsus2 Too long I've been afraid of C D Losing love - I guess I have lost G Dsus2 Well, if that's love C A It comes at much too high a cost ---CHORUS 2 Bm7 I'd sooner buy G Asus2 Defying gravity Bm7 Kiss me goodbye G A I'm defying gravity D And you can't pull me down ---(transition) C G And if I'm flying solo C D At least I'm flying free C G To those who'd ground me C A Take a message back from me - ---REPEAT CHORUS/OUTRO Bm7 Tell them how I G Asus2 Am defying gravity Dsus2 I'm flying high G A Defying gravity Bm7 Tell them how I G Asus2 Am defying gravity D (slow down stroke) And you can't pull me down * i noticed there were no tabs for this song yet, so i had to give it a shot. i've only playing for a couple months, so this is a very simplified version. it sounds really good me when it's slowed down quite a bit from the original. hope y'all like it. :)
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