Vintage Trouble – Not Alright By Me chords

Very simply but stunning song, just uses D G A 

Riff 1--2----3-2----0-2--|--3----3-3----3-3--|--2----2-2----2-2--|-------------------|-------------------|-------------------|
Intro - x2--2-0-5-3-----0--2--|--3-3-3-3---2-2--3--|--2-2-2-0---2----2--|--0-0-0-0---2----0--|--------2-----------|--------3-----------|
D GSomething hit me deep
A DOn my sunset walk through the streets
D GI could see and hear
A DBut I couldn’t feel or breathe
D GFrom tuning out this static world
A DI’ve lost the sense of peace
G A D And that’s not alright by me
D GThe LA Times and Channel 5
A DAnd New York Magazine
D They stain my soul
G A DAnd I know you know what I mean
D GThey tear apart the hopeful heart
A DTil it doesn’t bleed or dream
G A D Riff 1And that’s not alright by me
G D Riff 1Pull on the rope that lifts the sun back to the sky
G D Riff 1Hold a hand. Cry on a shoulder.
G D Riff 1Listen in the wind and open up your eyes.
AAnd feel again.
AFeel again.
D GWhere the roads cross
A DAnd time stands still
D GI’m frozen in my tracks
A DAgainst my will
D GThe streetlight is dimming
A DAnd it won’t shine again until
G A DI say It’s not alright by me
G A DNot alright by me
G A DNot alright by me
G A DNot alright by me
G A DNot alright by me
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