Violent Femmes – Didgeriblues tab

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Date: Sun, 28 Jan 1996 12:15:03 -0500
From: Bryson Meunier 
Subject: TAB:"Didgeriblues" by violent femmes

        This song is relatively easy to play but that doesn't stop it from
sounding cool. It's highly unlikely that I could have screwed up this
transcription given the simplicity of the song. Nonetheless,
corrections,comments or questions are still welcome at
Have fun with it.

        "Didgeriblues"(Gordon Gano,Brian Ritchie)

Performed by the violent femmes on "ROCK!!!"(1995)
guitar part transcribed by Bryson Meunier

E--------------------------------------------------| B--------------------------------------------------| G--------------------------------------------------| D-------------2-1--------------2-1--------------2-1| A--1-1-2-1--1-------1-1-2-1--1-------1-1-2-1--1----| E--------------------------------------------------|
E--------------------------------------------------| B--------------------------------------------------| G------------------------------2-1--------------2-1| D-------------2-1---1-1-2-1--1-------1-1-2-1--1----| A--1-1-2-1--1--------------------------------------| E--------------------------------------------------|
E--------------------------------------------------| B--------------------------------------------------| G--------------------------------------4----4------| D-------------2-1--------------2-1---3----3----3---| A--1-1-2-1--1-------1-1-2-1--1---------------------| E--------------------------------------------------|
E--------------------------------------------------| B--------------------------------------------------| G----2----2----------------------------------------| D--1----1----1-------------2-1--------------2-1----| A---------------1-1-2-1--1-------1-1-2-1--1--------| E--------------------------------------------------|
That's basically it. Just play that until the end of the song and then end on something like this:
E--------------------------------------------------| B--------------------------------------------------| G--------------------------------------------------| D--2-1-2-1-2-1-2-1---------------------------------| A--------------------------------------------------| E--------------------------------------------------|
The lyrics go like this: Once I knew a dude who blew the didgeridoo He knew a girl who he decided to woo too Under her balcony with a didgeridoo and did she know you who do the didgeridoo too if you knew she'd do, who do the didgeridoo Then a baby came one day and Daddy would stay by the cradle to play koochie koochie koo(2x) on his trusty didgeridoo and did she know you who do the didgeridoo too if you knew she'd do who do the digeridoo When A & R Man heard that rumble he signed him up man with quite a little bundle Made a record, in L.A. where I hear the people still will say damn, that cat, he really blew He knew what to do on the didgeridoo Now all over the world this song debuts it's hitting the charts all number ones and number twos This song has swept the nations The didgeridooblues Bet that she would love it too if you could do the didgeridoo And I bet that she would love you too if she knew you could do the didgeridoo(2x) (change riff) if she knew you who blew the didgeridoo
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