Everlasting You chords with lyrics by Violent Femmes - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Violent Femmes – Everlasting You chords

G  A  D

D AFaith, faith in you
G A D Unshakeable, true
D AHope, all in you
G A D Unwavering, true
D ALove, ever true
G A DEverlasting you
D ALove, ever new
G A DEverlasting you
G A DEverlasting love
G A DEverlasting love
[Solo] D A De|-------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------|A|----------------4-2(let ring)-5-4-2-5-4-2--|E|--5(let ring)-5--------------------------5-|
G A DEverlasting love
G A(strum once and pause) DEverlasting Love
G(Strum once) A(Strum once) D(Strum, slowly decrease tempo)Ever lasting love.......you
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