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Date: Fri, 5 Jan 1996 22:24:23 -0500
From: Bryson Meunier 
Subject: TAB:"This Island Life" by "Violent Femmes"

               "THIS ISLAND LIFE" by the Violent Femmes

>From the album "NEW TIMES"(1994)
Written by Gordon Gano
Transcribed by Bryson Meunier

        Here's a pretty cool song off of "New Times." It should be right but
if it's not(or if you just have additions, comments or questions) e-mail me

intro(clean electric)- B5 (palm mute) E-----------------------------| B-----------------------------| G-----------------------------| D------------4--4--4--4-------| (strum quietly) A-----0---2--2--2--2--2-------| E-----------------------------|
A lot of the verse just sounds like straight bass. The guitarpattern that I could decipher sounds like this:verse- "This tea is too strong for me..." E----------------------------------------------| B----------------------------------------------| G----------------------------------------------| D-----------------4---4---4\5---4----2----4----| A----0---2----2--------------------------------| E----------------------------------------------|
repeat that a couple of times and then go into this:
E-----------------------------------------------| B-----------------------------------------------| G-----------------------------------------------| D--------------9--9--9\10---9---7---9-----------| A----0--7--7------------------------------------| E-----------------------------------------------|
The chorus is just an A chord followed by a B5 "This Island Life..." A B5 E-----------------------------------------------| B----2------------------------------------------| G----2-----(strum)----------4-------------------| D----2----------------------4-------------------| A---------------------------2-------------------| E-----------------------------------------------|
The overdub part of the solo sounds like this: E----------------------------------------------------| B--7~~~~~~~----8p7~~~~~~~------7p0-------------------| G-------------------------7h9---------------7--------| D--------------------------------------7h9------(9)--| A----------------------------------------------------| E----------------------------------------------------|
E----------------------------------------------------| B--------------------------------7--7\8----7--7--7\8-| G---------------7-------8--------7--7\8----7--7--7\8-| D---------7h9-------9--------------------------------| A---7h9----------------------------------------------| E----------------------------------------------------|
E--0--0--0-------9h10----7h9p7----5h7p5-------------| B--5--8--7--------------------------------7---------| G---------------------------------------------7---4-| D---------------------------------------------------| A---------------------------------------------------| E---------------------------------------------------|
lyrics: This tea's too strong for me As I await yoir company I had too much sun today Ocean waters wash away Nothing but the present Presenting its presence This island life Separate my right from my wrong No I am not pagan but my heart has been forsaken And the hand of God was on my mind It took some time from time to time Now in the course I know Time itself will go when (chorus) You forgot your shoes and I I have sent a message but I There's so many stars in the sky It's the truths that will not lie There's a young wild native maiden Running mad and barefoot to the sea until (chorus) This island life Finally separates my right from my wrong (guitar solo) This tea's too strong for me As I await more company I had too much sun today Dream of lands lying far away Pregnant with the present Presenting its presents This island life Separate my right from my wrong This island life Will separate my rights from my songs Separate my right from wrong (electric sitar outro)
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