Visconde - Home chords

Tom: D
Solo:E|-6---10~5---10~3~5-3-| E-3---6-5---10~-6-|B|---------------------| B-----------------|G|---------------------| G-----------------|D|---------------------| D-----------------|A|---------------------| A-----------------|E|---------------------| E-----------------|
D BmLet me introduce myself
C#m F#m EI haven't been here for a long time
D BmBeen looking for somebody else
C#m F#M EBut only here I feel alright
GHow are you now?
D BmI've been floating through the stars
C#m F#m EJust to be inside your mind
D BmI wanna wake up where you are
C#m F#m EI wanna hold your hand tonight
GHow are you?
How have you been?
ADid you miss me?
F#mAnd where did you go?
Bm DWhere were you all this time?
F#m EWhen it feels like home
D D/F#In your dreams I walk alone
Bm G F#mI'm trying to find an escape for tonight
F#m EWhen it feels like home
D D/F#In your dreams I sing this song
BmPlease don't mind
G F#m DPlease don't wake up tonight
BmPlease don't mind
G F#mPlease don't wake up tonight.
F#m E DUuuuh Uhuuuuu Hu
Bm G F#mUuuhu Uh Huuuu.
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