Voivod – Clouds In My House tab

Band- Voivod
Song- Clouds In My House

Intro riff:

Note:  Bm* is an abbreviated Bm with an open B-string.

   Bm*             G

E --2----2----2----3--|B --0----0----0----0--|G --4----4----4----0--|D --4----4----4----0--|A -----------------2--|E -----------------3--|
While playing the G, alternate with the Gsus4 on the first fret of the B string: G Gsus4
E --3----3--|B --0----1--|G --0----0--|D --0----0--|A --2----2--|E --3----3--|
Verse: (repeat chord sequence twice for each line) A/E G/E
E --0--0----0--0----0--0----0----3--3--3--|B --2--2----2--2----2--2----2----0--0--0--|G --1--1----1--1----1--1----1----0--0--0--|D --2--2----2--2----2--2----2----2--2--2--|A --2--2----2--2----2--2----2----2--2--2--|E --0--0----0--0----0--0----0----3--3--3--|
Zoning ... Plasma ... Piercing ... Mainline ... Chorus: (mostly arpeggios here) (Am) (D)
E -----0- -----2-|B ---1--- ---3---|G -2----- -2-----| It's filled with clouds in my house...D ------- -------|A ------- -------|E ------- -------|
(Bm) (Cm)
E -----2- -----4-|B ---3--- ---5---|G -4----- -6-----| IT'S FILLED WITH CLOUDS IN MY HOUSE...D ------- -------|A ------- -------|E ------- -------|
Repeat Intro Repeat Verse Repeat Chorus Bridge:
A5 A5 A5 A5 (D)E --------------------------|B ----------------------7---|G --------------------7---7-|D --7--7------7--7----------|A --7--7------7--7----------|E --5--5------5--5----------|
(This is the rhythm guitar; I haven't tabbed the solo or anything) And then there's some major sevenths leading into the third verse: Cmaj7 Gmaj7
E --0---0----3---|B --1---1----0---|G --0---0----0---|D --2---2----0---|A --2---2----2---|E -----------2---|
Cmaj7 Gmaj7
E --0---0----3------0---3--|B --1---1----0------1---0--|G --0---0----0------0---0--|D --2---2----0------2---0--|A --2---2----2------2---2--|E -----------2----------2--|
Repeat Verse Repeat Chorus Repeat major sevenths from end of Bridge
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