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Volbeat – Making Believe chords

Making believe volbeat Standar Tunning

               Bb      Eb      F

Intro: (let chords ring)
Bb Bb Eb Bb BbMaking believe...that you still love me
F F Bb BbIt's leaving me...alone and so blue
Bb Bb Eb BbI'll always dream...but I'll never own you
F F BbMaking believe...that's all I can do
Verse 1:
Bb Eb BbMaking believe...that you still love me
F BbIt's leaving me...alone and so blue
Bb Eb BbI'll always dream...but I'll never own you
F BbMaking all I can do
Verse 2:
F BbI can't hold you close...darling when you're not with me
F BbYou're somebody's'll never be mine
Bb Eb BbMaking believe...I'll spend my lifetime
F BbLoving you...and making believe
Solo A:e-|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B-|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|G-|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|D-|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|A-|-5-5-----5-8-10-9-9-10-9-9-9~-5--5-5-------5-5-5-6h5---------------------|E-|-----8-6----------------------------8-6-5-8----------8-6-----------------|
Solo B:e-|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B-|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|G-|-7-7------7-8b10--12-10-10-12-10-10-10~-7--7-7-7----------7-7-7-8-7------|D-|-----10-8----------------------------------------10-8-7-10----------10-8-|A-|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|E-|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Repeat Verse 2, Repeat Solo B, Repeat Verse 1, Repeat Verse 2 End:
F BbJust loving you...and making believe
FJust loving you...
Bb Eb Bb Bb Bb...and making believe
I didnt come up with this tab, saw it on youtube and sounded right, decided to write down the tab and made slight mods, enjoy or shut the f up ;) Truly yours Rum Gary
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