Vulfpeck – Lonely Town chords

[Verse 1]
GIs the mayor of lonely town
GPopulation one
Am7Population one
DStaring a hole in the ground
G F E9Staring at the sun
Am7And I'm starting to feel
DLike you might be real
Bm7 E9Like he's something I might become
Am7 D7But ['ve the?] mayor of lonely town
G6 D7Population one
[Verse 2]
GSee the mayor of lonely town
GStanding in the square
Am7At the county fair
DShouting his message out
G F E9But there's no one there, oh there
Am7And the silence surrounds but
DHe's lost in the sound
Bm7 E9Of their army of fifes and drums
Am7 DBut the mayor of lonely town
G6Population one
D Eb D Db C B A G GbSha ba da ba da ba da ba da
{Verse 3]
G A7If you want to go to lonely town
C7 GJust pay the fare Babada, babada, babada
GUnless you're with me
A7Then you'll get in for free
Am7'Cause baby
D7 GI know the mayor
G/E Gaug D/G Dbdim7No one seems to want to be new
Cm6 Cm6/D G B7They all run away
G/E Gaug D/G Dbdim7But deep inside of some you can have
Am7 D Ebdim/C D/B D7/ABut in a nutshell like yeah
[Verse 4]
GWell the mayor of lonely town
GTucking into bed, oh
Am7What's inside his head
DVisions of sugarplums
G F E9And a loneliness, oh yes
Bm7Now we've all gotta be
DWhat we want to be
Bm7 E9But that doesn't seem quite so fun
Am7 DTo be the mayor of lonely town, population
Am7 DStaring a hole in the ground, population
Am7 D7Mayor of lonely town
G/E Gaug D/G Dbdim7Population one
Cm6/Eb Cm6/F Cm6/G Cm6/A Cm6/Bb Cm6 GAahhh
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