Vybz Kartel Ft Spice – Ramping Shop chords

Rampin Shop (ft. Spice)

Tuning: standart

Played real easy with F# and G#, thats all

A di teacha and a spice
Everyman fi ave a gal
and every gal grab a man
man to man,gal to gal thats wrong
Scrawwwnn deemmmmm

(verse 1)
All when a night yuh pussy feel like sunhot(When yuh come inna mi rampin shop)
mek sure yuh know fi wukk and a nuh chat yuh a chat(when yuh come inna mi rampin shop)
Mi cocky longer dan mi knife tell mi weh yuh like yuh waan mi drive or yuh waan fi ride 
it like a bike?
Well yuh affi ramm it hard di cocky nuffi lie,yuh damage it fi spite not because mi 
pussy tight
mi put it pon di left and yuh tekk it pon di right
mi nipple dem a rite send it up inna mi tripe
A titty appetite every nipple get a bite
mi man affi go see it mi an him affi go fight

(pre chorus)
caah mi affi wine pon di cocky like this kartel spin mi like a satellite dish
Deal with your breast like mi crushing irish spice i neva love a pussy like this
you a my mister
you a my miss
kill mi wid di cocky
kill mi wid di tightness
and when yuh a come whisper summin like this
i cant stop fucking youuuuuuuuuuu

F# G#Cocky nuh plaay(plaay) mi wi brukk yuh back(when yuh come inna mi rampin shop)
F# G#Mi wi quint it up two time and pop yuh cock(when yuh come inna mi rampin shop)
F# G#Mi wi mekk yuh run out a mi house inna half a frock(when yuh come inna mi rampin shop)
F# G#A gal eva ride pon it and gi yuh heart attack?(when yuh come inna mi rampin shop)
Spice a yuh mi love yuh know fi do ur stuff,yuh pussy buff,plus it squeeze like a handcuff Kartel a yuh mi love see it deh mi cock it up,yuh ramp ruff till mi belly cramp up (Whisper) The climax began bare sweat a run,hold mi tight spice mi feel like mi a cum Mi nahh let yuh go,so dont let mi down,mi two phone a ring and mi nahh answer none, (pre Chorus) (repeat intro) (Chorus) repeat part of verse 1 vybz kartel ft spice: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vybz_Kartel+ http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x9h1h9_vybz-kartel-ft-spice-ramping-shop_music
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