Vansire – Angel Youth chords

E D Bm E A Esus4 A E E6 E E6 F#m D Bm

[Verse 1]
AOh, a warm hello
Would be apropos
F#m C#m F#mWe haven't spoke in several weeks
But solitude tends to be the mood
Bm ESo you probably won't hear from me
AAnd there was once relief in the changing trees
F#m C#m F#mThe contrails that cut the sky
F#mBut pre-arranged circumstances change
Bm EAnd I'd be lying if I said I'm fine
G DCatch her in the switchbacks in the line
ASwitching back to Central Standard Time
Each day slightly more resigned
ETrying to make some sense of life
A Esus4 ASo if we take off
E E6 E E6You could quit your day job
DWe'd call ourselves the Angel Youth
BmYou'll find us traveling and making tunes
A Esus4 ABut then I think of
E E6 E E6All the people we've loved
DHow they'll be growing older soon
BmHow it's true for me and you
[Verse 2]
ASo I convalesced in the middle west
F#m C#m F#mAnd fell for Ohio's roads
I'm standing still by the windowsill
Bm EWhere I once watched the world explode
ASo when it's looking dark in your narrative arc
F#m C#m F#mI'm here and you can talk with me
A hackneyed fool under fascist rule
EWasting days singing about his dreams
G DAll of which has lead me to believe
AEarth's a set and life's the movie screen
And every dream that you have in-between
EThey'll fade with every frame you see
A Esus4 AOh, is it self-hate?
E E6 E E6I wish I was in L.A
DFar from all the roads we knew
BmUnworried where we're going through
A Esus4 ASo if we take off
E E6 E E6You could quit your day job
DWe'd call upon the Angel Youth
BmWe're coming to a town near you
A Esus4 ALonely and outraged
E E6 E E6Guess for now that I'll wait
DFor generation Angel Youth
BmTo point me towards a higher truth
A Esus4 AIt's on the off-chance
E E6 E E6We never come to cross hands
F#m'Cause it's too late to not pretend
DAnd I'd for all of this to end
EJust glad that I could be your friend
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