Vic Chesnutt – Unpacking My Suitcase chords

F Bb

F BbI was unpacking my suitcase, 
Pulling out dirty clothes
F Bb
When evocative aromas hit my nose
F BbOne shirt smelled of your smoky loft
F BbAnother strongly of spilt vodka
Gm BbAnd it occurred to me, how much I brought home

Gm BbAnd knowingly you had loaded me up
F Bb
With the stuff to survive
F Bb
Through lean times so starved I could just wither and die

F CBbBut I was saving little chunks, 
of your sweet sweet goodness
F C Bb
And squirrelin them away
F C Bb
I was squirrelin them away
F CBbI was saving healthy chunks, of your sweet sweet goodness
F C GmAnd squirrelin them away
C Dm BbFor the long lean winter
Gm C Dm BbAll of y’all, so lush and generous
Gm C Dm Bb
It can get lean and lonely where I hail from
Gm C Dm BbBut each luscious one of you, 
gave me bounteous charms to chew

F C Bb
And I was stuffing, stretching, smiley-cheeked 
for the extent of my stay
F C Bbyou could say that I was, 
squirrelin it away
F C BbI was just squirrelin it away
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