Vic Chesnutt – When The Bottom Fell Out chords

C GWhen the bottom fell out
F CThere wasn't any doubt
Am Em F GI just suddenly found myself free falling
C GAnd from such a height
F CThe wind, it had a bite
Am Em F GAnd it took all my might to fight the fright
Am Em F GThe flailing spread eagle must've formed an airfoil or some kinda wing
Am Em F GAnd I gained some equilibrium caught myself gliding
[Instrumental] C G F C A Em F G [Verse]
C GWhen the bottom fell out
F CObservers heard me shout
Am Em F GSo long, It's been good to know you
C GBut when I finallly smash
F CInto that vertin grass
Am Em F G CI will say It's been pretty great going
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