Vacant Stare chords with lyrics by Vic Ruggiero - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Vic Ruggiero – Vacant Stare chords

E C#m (2x)

[Verse 1]
E C#mI waited long when there was no one there for me
E C#mI held your hand down there when no one else could see,
A B C#m G#mkissed you lips and with them I swore I'd always be there
A B Efor your vacant stare
[Verse 2]
E C#mWhen i said these words, i thought you may have wept,
E C#mthat dreamin was the only reason that i slept
A B C#m G#mAnd boredom was the only company i kept, except
A B EFor your vacant stare
B EThanks but i'm aware of all the things im not
B EThanks for the television memories i got
B ESuffice to say our chemistry was simply hot
A B Eair, and your vacant stare
[Verse 3]
E C#mSo excepting evil is just as it does
E C#mI promised I'd be all I could be just because
A B C#m G#mBut thought i looked this hard i found the cubbert was bare
A B EBut for your vacant stare
A B EBut for your vacant stare
A B EBut for your vacant stare
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