Virtual Bird – Go Away Paranoia chords

G Bm C D

G BmMe and my friends drinking in an alley, partners and substance abuse
C D*Got out of jail on probation and I didn't look back to you
G BmGot forties to fetch disarming my wretched pack on a greyhound and a train to catch
C DAnd I'm going somewhere different
G CThat sacred motion My devotion
Am CIs leading me in-to the hard lands
G CI wanted to be an astronaut but so did everyone
Am C C*And I'm just not that smart man
[Interlude] G F C G C F C G* C* [Bridge] G5 A5 C5 G5 A5 C5 G5 A5 C5 [Pre-Chorus]
G5 A5And now I am somewhere to safety
E5 B5And its awkward thats fate I pray
N.C. G5 A5 C5For paranoia to go away
G5 A5 C5Away, way way way
G5 A5 C5I pray
G5 A5For paranoia to go away
C5 B5* A5* G5* A5* B5* A5* G5*Away
************************************ | * strum once ************************************
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