Wade Bowen And West 84 - Who I Am chords version 2

“Who I am” Guitar Chords
By Wade Bowen and West 84

Tuning:  EADGBe (normal)
Note:  I decided to put this online because while the version with a capo 
is close, the tonality is not right enough for me!  It is also the same 4 
chords for the whole song, and I get bored with it so I end up embellishing 
the picking and strumming patterns.  I am only play this with my acoustic 
and don’t have the benefit of doing the solo, so it's not here (sorry!).  
Also, just so you know, I tried to put the chords right over the words that 
the chord hits on so that it's easier to read the two.  Enjoy!

Intro (picked):Asus2|-----------------------------0----------------------------||---------------0--------------------------0---------------| |------------2--------2-------------2------------2---------| |--------2---------------2-------------2------------2------| |-----0-------------------------------------------------0--| |----------------------------------------------------------|
Dsus2|------------0--------------------0---------------------| |---------3-------3------------3-----3------------------| |------2-------------2-------2----------2---------------| |---0-------------------0-------------------0-----------| |-------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------|
Esus4 E (strum beat 3)|----------------------------0---------------------------||----------0-----------------0---------------------------||--------2-----2-------------1---------------------------||-----2----------2-----------2---------------------------||----------------------------2---------------------------||--0-------------------------0---------------------------|
Verse 1 (still picking)
Asus2 FmI love to watch the sunset as it fades behind the trees
Dsus2 Esus4 ELove to talk with God and get down upon my knees
Asus2 FmI love the times I spend with my family and friends
Dsus2 Esus4 ELove to dream about all the places I've never been
Chorus (Strummed)
Asus2 FmAnd I love to watch you laugh and smile, I love to watch you dream
Dsus2 Esus4 ELove it when you take my hand just to let me know you believe in me
Asus2 FmAnd I love it that you're my girl, I love that I'm your man
Dsus2 Esus4 ENow that you're in my life Baby I know exactly who I am
Verse 2 (strummed)
Asus2 FmWell, I know I love the ladies, I love to go out at night
Dsus2 Esus4 EI love it how we make up each and every time that we fight
Asus2 FmOh I love you oh so very much, love you more than words can say
Dsus2 Esus4 E And I don't know how or why but I love you more everyday
Chorus Instrumental break (Same 4 chords once through – I don’t do the solo like the band, but I do embellish the heck out of this part with strumming patterns and extra left hand notes – like turning the Dsus2 into a D chord with a hammer-on at times) Chorus to end
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