Wade Hemsworth - The Black Fly Song chords version 1

			     BLACKFLY SONG - Wade Hemsworth
Tabbed by: Wil-man-101 on Ultimate-Guitar

Capo five

C 'Twas early in the spring when I decided to go
Am EmFor to work up in the woods in North Ontar-i-o
CAnd the unemployment office said they'd send me through
Am EmTo the Little Abitibi with the survey crew
AmAnd the blackflies, the little blackflies
CAlways the blackfly, no matter where you go
DmI'll die with the blackfly picking my bones
F CIn North Ontar-i-o-i-o
Em AmIn North Ontar-i-o
The man Black Toby was the captain of the crew And he said, "I'm gonna tell you boys what we're gonna do.” “They want to build a power dam and we must find a way “For to make the little Ab flow around the other way" CHORUS So we surveyed to the east and we surveyed to the west And we couldn't make our minds up how to do it best Little Ab, little Ab, what shall I do? For I'm all but goin' crazy on the survey crew CHORUS
'Twas blackfly, blackfly everywhereA-crawlin' in your whiskers, a-crawlin' in your hairSwimmin' in the soup, and Swimmin in the teaThe Devil take the blackfly, let me be
CHORUS (Blackfly, little blackfly) Black Toby fell to swearin', the work went slow And the state of our morale was a-gettin' pretty low And the flies swarmed heavy, it was hard to catch a breath As you staggered up and down the trail talkin' to yourself CHORUS Well, now the bull cook's name was Blind River Joe If it hadn't been for him we'd have never pulled through For he bound up our bruises, and he kidded us for fun And he lathered us with bacon grease and balsam gum CHORUS At last the job was over, Black Toby said “We're through “With the Little Abitibi and the survey crew.” 'Twas a wonderful experience and this I know I'll never go again to North Ontar-i-o CHORUS (x2)
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