Walker Jr – Shot Gun tab

Kick guitar amp with reverb spring at start of song to simulate the sound
of a shot gun shot.  (This was latter used by the Doors on "Unknown
Soldiers", and latter by Deep Purple at the veryu end of "Highway Star".)

Main Guitar Riff:

-|--4--4-4------------|--|--7--7-7------------|--|--5--5-5------------|--|--4--4-4--------4---|--|--6--6-6---6--6---6-|--|--4--4-4------------|- \_p.m.__/
at 0:40 this Riff is done eight times
-|--4--4-4---11--11--11--11--|--|--7--7-7---12--12--12--12--|--|--5--5-5---11--11--11--11--|- the 11's are bend a quater step sharp-|--4--4-4-------------------|--|--6--6-6-------------------|--|--4--4-4-------------------|-
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