The Color Pink chords with lyrics by Walker Mcguire - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Walker Mcguire – The Color Pink chords

INTRO:  C  C/B  Am  G  C  C/B  Am  G

VERSE 1: C C/B Am G Rolled out of bed, almost broke my neck.
C C/B Am G Well I just laughed, 'cause I stepped on Barbie's head.
F Em Am G It ain't the first time, and it's gonna happen again.
F G But I'm OK with the world I live in.
CHORUS: F C G 'Cause I like baseball, huntin' in the fall, fishin' out by the lake.
F C G Now it's tea parties, Malibu Barbies, and Easy Bake Oven-made cupcakes
Am G F I like Friday nights with all o' my boys washin' away the week
G F G C C/B Am G With a tall stiff drink. But, man, I love the color pink.
VERSE 2: C C/B Am G People see me at the mall covered up in bags.
C C/B Am G Watchin' my baby girl spend every dime I have.
F Em Am G F And I ain't ashamed, I know every Taylor Swift song.
G My girls love when I sing along.
CHORUS: F C 'Cause I like cards on the table, fights on cable,
G the sound of a revved up Chevrolet.
F C G Now it's pony tails and paintin' my nails and Dad watch me do ballet.
Am G F People say they grow up fast, better make it last
G F G Cause, man, they're gone sooner than you think. But, man, I love
F C The color pink like her flip-flop, big ol' polka dots,
G Butterflies on the wall.
F C Pink like her piggy bank, hair brush on the sink,
G Cartwheels down the hall.
Am G And pink like the dress she'll wear to prom,
F G Then she'll wear a white one and man she's gone, I can't blink.
F G C C/B Cause God I love the color pink
Am G C C/B Am G C God I love the color pink.
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