Wallflowers - Ashes To Ashes tab

Ashes To Ashes
Words and Music: Jakob Dylan
Tabbed by Ian (ickis@netnet.net) Questions?  Comments? Ect.
Standard Tuning

Intro (w/wah)

(w/power chords hit it hard!) F Em Am Well, you can walk like a stranger head back in the air F Em Am Bringing gifts while you act so sincere
F Em Am F Em Bringing gifts for a boy, whoís five years, a gift of rocks and Am training wheels F Em Am F Em Am C G F G Em Well I donít remember you from any of those books C G F G Em E(fill1) Ashes to Ashes and six feet under face down in a box F Em Am whereíd you learn to treat me like (that*) You donít seem to have any of that famous stuff You know that hardwood flows law is pennieless rough You grandfather follows you like a heart attack Twist your finger soon as break your, back Chorus (that, that that*)
Solo: pick tremalo start!E----------------------X-X-X-X-X------------------------B-8-10p8---------------X-X-X-X-X--------------------888-G-------9p7------------X-X-X-X-X------------7777-999----D----------10p7--7b-7b-7-7-7-7-7--77777-1010------------A----------------------X-X-X-X-X------------------------E----------------------X-X-X-X-X------------------------
Itís cominí from another withered mother whose just like yours Briging hairs and all those mental sores Take a little have some need some for yourself The needy and greedy always seem by themselves Well it, must be hard to be one of these Hiding under the shed under your friends tree Didnít i meet you once in a liqour store I think I saw you hangin by the stage door Handing out programs to the family theatre To hide low so you donít miss the treater Em Am G F Em Dm Take it, why take it, fast as ever, get, yourself, a chance Chorus(that, that that that*) play intro Fill One
-------------------------------------------------------- CHORDS POWER: F-13xxxx Em=02xxxx Am=x02xxx Regular: F=133211 Em=022000 Am=002210 C=032010 G=320003 Enjoy!
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