Wallflowers – Love Is A Country chords

C7m F7Madd11+ F7Me: 0 0 0
b: 0 0 1 g: 0 2 2 d: 2 3 3 a: 3 3 3 E: 0 x x Intro: C7m - C F7Madd11+ - F7M
C B#m AmNo, there won't be an ambush anytime soon
G F If the birds are returning, it's safe enough to say that much is true
In the desert that borders between me and you Where more than a few good men have failed to come back or get through
F G AmAnd the only things living around here don't wanna talk
F G AmAnd the wine isn't working and the vacancy signs are off
F G CThe hardships of marching they've only just begun
F G CLove is a country better crossed when you're young
I'm staring in the window of a moving train That looks almost human as she barrels down the tracks and comes my way This no good dog of mine's got the heart of a stray And is down in the ditch lights before I've even a chance to call his name I'm watching the clouds overwhelming the evening sun It's just after lightning and before the thunder comes When nothing really happens and suddenly then it does Love is a country better served with someone I remember the evening you last came home It was warm as the devil sat back up with his boots put back on He said you never get boring, you keep me young There's more work than ever and still only one of me to get it done Now her ring's on the seat riding shotgun next to my hat With her name on the window where fog settles down on the glass Nowhere in the middle of somewhere that has no past Love is a country you leave and not welcome back You leave and not welcome back
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