Wallflowers – The Difference tab

From: Clay Smith
Song: The difference
 Artist: Wallflowers
 Album: Bringin' Down the horse
                            Tabbed by Clay Smith

 Play:     C# - B  (that's the first 2 notes of the intro)
Then this: E - A E - A B - E E-----------------0-----------------------0--------------------------0----B-----------------2-----------------------2--------------------------0----G-----------------2-----------------------2--------------------------1----D-----------------2-----------------------2--------------------------2----A-----------------0-----------------------0------------4----2--------2---- E---0----2---4----0--------0----2---4-----0----------------------4---0---- (BASICALLY: C#-B--E-A--E-A--B-E : repeat many times through the song)
VERSE 1: C# B E A One, two boys by the river E A Down by the water B E Tellin' riddles in the dark C# B E A With fireflies under the moonlight E A B E Carvin' the insides of a tree with a knife BRIDGE: C# B A E Ever hear the one about the boy's big sister C# B A His best friend come along E B He tried to kiss her CHORUS: A The only difference G# That I see F# Is you are exactly the same B As you used to be VERSE: One boy lives in a tower With bow and arrow And the artificial heart With his girl Late in the summer He loaded the cannon With a jealous appetite They say that children now They come in all ages And maybe sometimes old men die With little boy faces (chorus) repeat BRIDGE: C# B A E You always said that you needed some C# B A E B But you always had more, more than anyone (chorus) repeat OUTRO.... C# - B E E--------------------------------------0---------------------- B--------------------------------------0---------------------- G--------------------------------------1---------------------- D--------------------------------------2---------------------- A--------------------------------------2---------------------- E----------------5-----4------2--------0----------------------
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