Wallis Bird - All For You chords

My first one, gave my best. not the official ones, but they fit...

F    133211
F*   003211
Am   x02210
G    320033
G7   320001
Dm   xx0231
C    x32010
Em   x22000

Capo on the 4th

C Am I'm losing old tricks and buying new ones
F* Dm F I pick a smile and a pocket full of posies
C Am Reality swells with my love
F* Dm FI push the bed against the wall and say this is enough
C EmI will wait the longest wait
Am C G7 C Until you're back into my loving arms
G Am My loving arms
CAnd when you're away
EmI sing your songs
AmAlmost everyday
C G7All because
Am CWhen I'm with you
F*I have magic
G G7 C And I'm all for you
Catch a tear They're falling fast And as our time is running out I know we will last And you've got that thing Where you bring down the walls Every time u look at me Oh can't you see how I fall And I will wait The longest wait Until you're back Into my loving arms My loving arms And when you're away I sing your songs Almost everyday All because When I'm with you I have magic And I'm all for you
C AmSay you love me
F* G7And say you want me
Am CNever leave me
F G CBecause you love me
Marlene B :)
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