A Whole New World chords with lyrics by Walt Disney - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Walt Disney – A Whole New World chords


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C G CI can show you the world
C G Am GShining, shimmering, splendid
Dm Em AmTell me, princess, now when did
Am7 F G CYou last let your heart decide?
C G CI can open your eyes
C G Am GTake you wonder by wonder
Dm Em AmOver, sideways and under
Am7 F G COn a magic carpet ride
F G C A whole new world
F G Em AmA new fantastic point of view
F Em AmNo one to tell us no
F COr where to go
F Dm GOr say we're only dreaming
F G CA whole new world
F G Em AmA dazzling place I never knew
F Em AmBut when I'm way up here
F CIt's crystal clear
F Dm G G7 CThat now I'm in a whole new world with you
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