Walter Rollins – Frosty The Snowman chords

G GFrosty the snowman
C GWas a jolly, happy soul
C GWith a corncob pipe and a button nose
D GAnd two eyes made out if coal.
G GFrosty the snowman
C GIs a fairy tale they say
C GHe was made of snow but the children know
D GHow he came to life one day.
C Bm C D GThere must have been some magic in that old silk hat they found
D D7For when they placed it on his head
Em A DHe began to dance around.
G GO, Frosty the snowman
C GNew the sun was hot that day
CSo he said "Let's run."
GAnd we'll have some fun
D GNow before I melt away."
G GDown to the village
C GWith a broomstick in his hand
CRunning here and there
GAll around the square
D GSaying "Catch me if u can."
C Bm C D GHe led them down the streets of town right to the traffic cop
D D7 And he only paused a moment when
Em A DHe heard him holler stop!
G GFor Frosty the snowman
C GHad to hurry on his way
C GBut he waved, "Goodbye!" Saying don't you cry,
D G"I'll be back again someday!"
GThumpetty, thump, thump
GThumpetty, thump, thump
D GLook at Frosty go!
GThumpetty, thump, thump
GThumpetty, thump, thump
D7 D GOver the hills of snow!
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