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Waltz Reprise – Parlay tab

Waltz Reprise
Be Still Know
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Key: D

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Bm -  x24432
G -   320033
D -   xx0232
A -   x02220
Em -  022000
F#m - 244222

Intro: Drumbeats

Verse 1:
        Bm       G    Bm
I never lost with coz everything
  G                G  Em
I say it chained today
The bullet hits the ears
    Bm             G
I'm asking them to come with me
    Bm         G        G     Em
And so without you be my guide
(like fall for sign)

This one time caving in
(This is my ambulance)
     G                Em          A
Just push me back and share your stealth
  (There'll be a right informed
I will live the day with you
G              Em        A
  and now just fade away)

Interlude 1: Bm-G-Bm-G-G-Em-G--

Guitar 2:e|-3--2--3-2-0-------0-2-3-5--7--5--2h3p2p0--3-2---|B|--------------3--3-----------------------------3-|G|-------------------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------|
Verse 2: Bm G Bm Mishap afternoon today's G G Em thousand voices never heard G This is what I've said Bm G The thing must top its free wall Bm G G Em on hours stayed on me I close my eyes G and when you say, that Interlude 2: A--F#m--D-Em (x2) Bm--Bm---Bm--Bm--Bm--Bm--Bm (x2) Bm Bm-D-G-Em
Guitar 2:e|-5--7---2--0---0-----2----|----------------------|B|------------------2-----3-|----------------------|G|--------------------------|-4--4---4--4--4--4--4-|D|--------------------------|-4--4---4--4--4--4--4-|A|--------------------------|-2--2---2--2--2--2--2-|E|--------------------------|----------------------| x2 x2
Bridge: Bm D G A Bm-D-G-Em And many ends just losing in Bm D G A(hold) Bm-G-Bm-G that what this feels like anyway G Em A Just push me back and share your stealth Bm (There'll be a right informed D I will live the day with you G Em A and now just fade away)
Guitar 2: while doing bridgee|-----2---0-------2---5-2-5---5-7-------5-----|B|-3---------3-2-0---3-------7-----7---7-------|G|---4---4---------------------------7-----6-5-|D|---------------------------------------------| repeat many timesA|---------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------|
(Repeat Chorus) Outro: Bm--Bm, Bm
Guitar 2:e|-----2---0-------2---5-2-5---5-7---|B|-3---------3-2-0---3-------7-----3-|G|---4---4-------------------------4-|D|---------------------------------4-|A|---------------------------------2-|E|-----------------------------------|
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