Wasp - Dirty Balls chords

 Dirty Balls

GI wanna ride you
FLike the animal you are
D G I wanna ride you till you're raw
FI wanna slide up all inside
All over you
DI wanna do you like
GThe wicked bitch you are
FCall me a bastard
D GA real bad attitude
FShove it in their faces
D GShow my dirty ooh
GDirty balls, balls, balls
Is all I need
A# Hang 'em high oh tonight
CSo the world can see
GDirty - balls, balls, balls
Is all I need
A#So dirty oh Lord a' mercy
CAll I want to see
I'm gonna do you like The savages you are I wanna do ya till you die I'm gonna ride 'em cowboy style For all to see Make 'em all my bitches Take 'em all and make 'em cry Oh am I nasty? Do you think I'm rude? I just wanna see ya' Hold my dirty ooh
GI'm gonna hold, gonna hold em'
High, high, high So dirty, oh so dirty oh
F CTill I die, die, die
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