Waterboys – Suffer tab

I hope to transcribe the lead guitar at some point in the future, 
but i thought I'd do the chords in the meantime to give something to improvise over.
Play in an offbeat ska style using chord shapes high up the neck (7+). 
Sometimes adding a Dmajor for one beat after the Bm in the chorus sounds good
Improvise using Em pent.

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Em Bm x 4

[Chorus x2]
          Em                Bm
I'm gonna suffer for you no longer
          Em                Bm
I'm gonna suffer for you no more
          Em                 Bm
I'm gonna write you out of my life
              Em         Bm
and shut the door

C       D                Em      D               C       
    You tried to drive a wedge between me and my friends
    D                Em   D         C
You pushed me to the edge time and again
          D              Em            D              C
I've been living in your shade since I can't remember when
        D             Em            D
Now I'm bringing this charade to an end


There was subtlety and skill in your manipulative ways
You chipped away my will so you could make me stay
You soothed me with your voice until I obeyed
but I'm making my own choice from today


Em Bm x8

You used the tongue of love like a boxer uses fists
You contained me like a glove or a creeping cloak of mist
You guaranteed the stars but there always was a twist
Now I see you as you are - Egotist !

[Chorus x2]

I've got a ticket in my hand and I must be moving on
but I want you to understand that from the moment I am gone
I release and let you go - you owe nothing now to me
I'm not angry anymore - I'm free !

[Chorus to finish]
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